My name is Ania and I'm the person behind Kaliko—a natural-dye studio based in Berlin.
In November 2017 I decided to quit my day job as an architect and pursue my own business. I am a self-taught weaver and natural dyer, with a special love for sustainable and minimalistic living.    

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In the fast-paced world, sharing long written forms suddenly became radical?! Substack is home for online publications by creative people who don’t care about competing for your attention with flashy images that mush your brain—or at least they mush mine. Instead, I want to share high-quality articles to be slowly digested and appreciated.

I'm glad you decided to join me on this journey. It means a lot to have you on board. Thank you! 


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Natural dyeing, textiles, art practice, and life by Ania Grzeszek.


Textile artist running Kaliko, a natural-dye studio in Berlin. I’m sharing insights into creative practice and my expertise in the field of dyeing with plants.